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How to Add Twitter Follow Button To Facebook Profile

1.Log on to facebook

2.Search for “extended info” within the facebook search at the highest right of your facebook profile.  Extended data are the primary application listed.  Click on read Application to the correct. you'll then land on the Extended data facebook fan page.  Click on the blue head to Application box on the highest left.

3.You will currently got to fill in some info within the Extended data page.

- Add the image uniform resource locator, will|you'll|you'll be able to} produce your own follow Maine on twitter image otherwise you can use this one. simply open the link in an exceedingly new tab or window
- Copy link and past into the Image uniform resource locator
- Add the link uniform resource locator, my link uniform resource locator is
- You can add a header or caption if you would like. read my facebook profile to ascertain however the header appearance.
- Dimensions: you'll modification this if you would like obtain the default is ready to feature the follow Maine on twitter badge to the left sidebar on your facebook profile

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4.Save the changes

5.The Extended data application can then raise if you would like to share this along with your friends.  If you choose to share the news it'll show abreast of your news feed and you'll attract a number of new twitter followers.

6.The next step is to feature the badge to your profile. to try to to this scrutinize the highest right corner of the Extended data Facebook Application for the blue boost Profile box. simply click on the box, select the Wall or Boxes tab, it'll then show you wherever it'll be placed on your facebook profile for your approval.

7.The final step is to click on the link and confirm it goes to your twitter account.

8.Done! enjoy

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