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How to use anchor text in backlinks

Anchor text is one amongst the factors that search engines are analyzing and factorisation into their ranking algorithms – that's, the text used between the anchor tags.

The text here is that the anchor text.

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Search engine have return to grasp that the anchor text or hyper text link typically additional indicative of a page’s content than the meta information of the page itself. So much so, in fact, that some pages area unit hierarchic in within the high 10 for extremely competitive keywords just because several different pages link to it page victimisation the keyword because the anchor text of the link.

Google is particularly at risk of anchor text (hyper text Link). In fact, it's renowned that you simply will just about any given page hierarchic for a keyword just by victimisation that keyword because the anchor text (hyper text link) of your links to it page. it's known as “Google bombing”, and a renowned instance of it concerned some dozen bloggers linking to the official George W. Bush page victimisation the anchor text “miserable failure”.

After some weeks, low and see, the page was hierarchic #1 for the search “miserable failure”, albeit those words failed to seem anyplace on the page itself.

Once you perceive the load accorded to hypertext mark-up language text link, you'll value more highly to take a review at however you hyper link text to your own pages. as an example, rather than linking to a page victimisation the anchor text “Specs”, why not link victimisation your keywords within the anchor text: “Widget Specs”.

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