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Sell Computing Power And Earn Money using Slicify

Earn Money Run our free Windows package and build cash on-line by merchandising your unused computing power.

  •  Transfer our free Windows package to lend your laptop on the net whereas you are not victimization it.
  •  Once somebody desires to use your laptop, they book it through Slicify and pay you to rent it, anyplace from a couple of cents to a dollar associate hour.
  •  Slicify's sensible package protects your security.

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How can you Earn Money?

Earn by the hour whenever your machine is rented out.

Earn from our referral theme. you will be paid 0.5 the commission that we tend to build after you refer your friends.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The largest business supplier of this kind of service (Amazon or Ebay), presently rents its servers out at rates between $0.02 to $4.60 per hour, looking on the description of the computer. the value for a innovative mid-range computer is between $0.10 and $0.40/hour, looking on the supplier..

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