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Facebook Messenger’s Chat Heads To SMS By Hoverchat

Facebook Messenger‘s killer feature, Chat Heads, create it a joy to use, however what if you'll use Chat Heads for your SMS messaging? That’s the concept planned by HoverChat, the SMS replacement app erstwhile referred to as Ninja SMS.

Chat Heads

Chat Heads work otherwise in HoverChat compared to Facebook traveler. The enlarged Chat Head occupies simply atiny low sq. of the screen, instead of nearly the whole screen as Messenger’s Chat Heads do. the choices button within the prime right drops down 3 additional options: decision the person, open within the HoverChat app, and switch on/off transparency.

Tapping the contact’s image to the left can minimize it right down to a circle, that you'll then place anyplace on your screen whereas you navigate your phone usually. every contact picture may be placed and opened severally, another departure from Messenger’s vogue.

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Regular Texting

When you’re not within the mood for Chat Heads, though, HoverChat works like several different SMS app. it's a pleasant, straightforward style with a listing of your messages and fallback menu on the left for settings.

If you don’t already synchronise your friends’ Facebook profile footage with their contacts, HoverChat can try this for you. As you'll see below, the theme is customizable too, that we’ll perforate in a very moment.


While it can’t schedule your SMS messages to be sent later, HoverChat will have a good level of customization skills. there's a HoverChat Store for locating new themes, Hover head shapes, and fonts. there's a decent choice of free choices, and therefore the paid ones solely value $1.

You can conjointly individualise that contacts truly seem as Chat Heads, and you'll individualise every contact: the form of the Hover head, custom notifications, and if your messages area unit encrypted or not.

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SMS electronic messaging remains a significant variety of communication for several folks you'll even send SMS messages on-line for complimentary currently and Chat Heads area unit such a helpful feature within the age of smartphones with 5-inch screens. If you’re bored with your default SMS app, I absolutely advocate HoverChat.


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